The Top Five Organizers for Christmas Ornament Storage

While it’s fun to put up Christmas decorations, we have to remember that they won’t always be on display. Time will come when we need to take them down and store them away. This can be a problem as their original boxes might be less than ideal as storage solutions. If you would like to keep things clean and organized, then you may want to check out products that are specially designed for the job. The online shop Unreal Christmas Trees has several excellent examples of what you can use to store your décor. These will ensure that they’ll remain pristine for the next holidays and beyond.

1. Christmas Tree Storage Bag

A natural pine tree would look great as decoration. However, it will also be extremely expensive, heavy, and difficult to transport. Most people opt for artificial trees since these are affordable, lightweight, and easy to move around. These can even be reused every year indefinitely as long as you take good care of them. That’s why it is important to find a suitable Christmas tree storage bag that can accommodate the length of the collapsed trunk and provide ample space for the leaves and branches. This should also include sturdy handles and durable zippers.  

2. Storage Bag with Wheels

A basic storage bar should be adequate for small to medium trees. These are light enough to carry around from one room to another once you are done packing. When it comes to the bigger trees, the weight can start to become an issue. You might find yourself drag the bag by the handles or needing multiple persons for transfers. If you want to increase portability, then you should look for a storage bag with wheels underneath. This will allow the whole thing to glide across the floor so you can move it around by yourself.

3. Decoration Storage Cube

It would be prudent to keep the tree and the decorations separate. Putting everything in one bag would be too chaotic, especially if you only have a single massive compartment for all the pieces. Instead, you should look for something like a decoration storage cube which has smaller compartments inside to keep the items isolated from each other. Assign each section to Christmas balls of a certain color or to hanging figurines. One side is transparent to quickly identify the contents. The top cover keeps out all the dust while providing a sturdy platform on which to stack more cubes.

4. Decoration Storage Box

For the smallest pieces of decoration, the storage cube might be a bit too big and cumbersome. The decoration storage box offers a more straightforward design with a single layer of small compartments in a rectangular prism. Unlike the cube, you will not have to clear the top layers to reach the items at the bottom. Just remove the top lid and you will see all of the contents at a glance. This is ideal for delicate items that require reliable protection. The dividers can be cut with scissors to create larger compartments if necessary. When not in use, you can fold it down and put it away.

5. Wreath Storage Bag

Wreaths are commonly placed on the front door during Christmas. The red, green, and gold in these ensembles reflect the holiday’s colors. Evergreens represent everlasting life while the circular shape points to the infinite presence of God. There is no reason to throw this away and get another one the next year. Just get a wreath storage bag that fits the shape and size of your décor. The ideal storage solution will have a tough exterior to protect the contents. It should also be easy to clean and carry. Check how wide the top opens. Aim for a full diameter zipper to get quick access. Proper Christmas ornament storage is crucial for longer lasting pieces. By investing in these organizers, you can keep using your favorite items year after year and save a lot of money.

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