Self Care, Self Love – Two Paths Of Happiness

Life is hard, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be happy. The world is full of things that can melt away the hardships and get us going every day. We have friends, family, and inspirations outside of our immediate circles. We can also choose the paths of self-care and self-love to fight the effects of stress, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Instead of trying to please everybody else, we need to be more mindful and intentional about taking good care of ourselves. As we shower our loved ones with gifts, we should also give ourselves self care gifts such as the following:

Better Sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to lethargy, irritability, and inattention. You might work all day but remain unproductive. One easy way to take care of yourself is to get in bed early every night and sleep for about 8 hours. Put the phone down and create a routine that will help you sleep better. Get as comfortable as possible so you can drift to dreamland. If you live in a noisy area, then wear earplugs. If you have air conditioning, then use to stay cool throughout the night. If you have rough and itchy blankets, then buy new ones that are soft and smooth on the skin.

Less Aches

Body aches become common as we age. Certain types of work are more prone to it than others. For example, people who need to carry heavy objects or stand all day tend to have sore arms and feet. Even office workers who sit all day can suffer from back aches due to bad posture. Take better care of yourself by buying comfortable shoes that can make you feel as if floating on clouds. If you work at home, then buy a better office chair with excellent back support and adjust it to your height for better posture. You may also purchase massage equipment for pain relief and improved circulation.

More Relaxation

While it is important to work hard for your future, don’t forget to take care of your body today. Relaxation is not bad, so don’t feel guilty about it. In fact, taking frequent breaks within the workday is known to boost productivity since you keep your mind sharp and your body fresh. It prevents burnout so you can stay consistent and reach your goals. After your shift and during weekends, you can indulge and pamper yourself with bath bombs, essential oils, and scented candles. Of course, you should also nourish yourself with delicious and healthy food. Flood your senses with the things that you enjoy.

Calmer Mind

The uncertainties of the future can create an anxious mind. You might overthink every problem and stress yourself out even before anything bad happens. Learn to remain calm in the midst of storms. Accept that you cannot control everything in the world, but you can gain full control over your mind. Instead of wallowing in uncertainties or being depressed about regrets, cultivate a grateful attitude about the good things in your life. Get yourself a journal and write your thoughts down to keep your head clear. List at least 3 things that you are thankful for each day.

Fitter Body

Your body is your best instrument to achieve your dreams. Take good care of it. Keep it fit enough to power through each day, prevent chronic ailments, and improve your quality of life. Develop an exercise routine that fits your abilities. If you are having trouble staying consistent, then you can buy yourself a sports watch or fitness tracker. It will measure your level of activity, your sleep, your heart rate, and other vital metrics. It can remind you when it is time to move, rest, or sleep. It’s like having a personal fitness coach that will keep guide you along the right path each day.

Memorable Experiences

The best way to be happy is to cultivate a life that you are excited to live every day — doing meaningful work surrounded by a loving family and community. However, everyone feels the occasional need to get away for a change of pace, scenery, and stimuli. These vacations can be gateways to memorable experiences that you will treasure for a lifetime. Go ahead and give yourself the gift of travel if you can. Save up for your dream holidays and find deals to reduce your expenses. Have the time of your life!