Comfort With Sympathy Flowers and Fruit Baskets

When a loved one is experiencing a difficult time caused by grief, knowing what to say can become a challenging task.  Maybe a family member, friend, or beloved pet was diagnosed with a serious or terminal illness away or actually passed away.

In offering condolences to this individual, it could be nice to demonstrate that you care by sending flowers or a fruit basket from Express4Fruits.  Whether the recipient is a cheese fiend, wine lover, or has a sweet tooth, an assortment of goodies or a bouquet of beautiful flowers can be used to let him or her know that you are thinking about them in their period of bereavement.  Below are a few benefits of sending flowers and fruit baskets as sympathy gifts:


Widely Available

You can order fruit baskets online at a variety of gift basket merchants or they can be ordered from a local store.  There is typically the option to have the basket delivered to a variety of locations.  There are some sellers who provide same-day delivery; however, it is not always assured.  As such, it is essential that you check with the company regarding its delivery policy before an order is placed.


One of the major benefits of gifting a grieving loved one with a fruit basket is that it can be customized to suit the preference and even the nutritional health of the recipient.  The baskets could be curated with an abundance of fresh and nutritious fruits for the bereaved to enjoy.  Those could be mixed in with packets of dry fruits and nuts. The fruit basket can also include wine, cheeses, crackers, toffee, and a host of other delectable items.


These are typically placed in attractive baskets or boxes, with silky ribbon and/or flowers, making them an ideal gift for your loved ones as they mourn the loss of someone close to them.  You can send a practical and attractive fruit basket to your loved ones with a personalized message card attached.


Expression and Symbolism

When words fail and we cannot find the right words to express our condolences, giving flowers provides a great way to fill in the gaps.  For instance, lilies are most generally linked to loss because of their unobtrusive and elegant shape and aroma.  Individuals have come to attach symbolism to these flowers.  In particular, white blooms remind us of innocence and purity which individuals hope for their loved ones after they have lived their lives.

Flowers and Their Healing Powers

Studies have revealed that gifted flowers have an instant effect on the mood a person, triggering feelings of satisfaction and happiness.  Flowers ease stress and assist in ushering in a period of healing. Therefore, they make for remarkable sympathy gifts, as they are so vital to the healing process after someone loses a loved one.

In addition, flowers represent friendship, sympathy, compassion, and support.   Sending the gift of flowers to an individual navigating loss, whether a recent death or the anniversary of the day a loved one died, helps them in feeling supported, knowing that they are cared for by family members, friends, or colleagues.  It also reminds them that their suffering is not theirs to bear on their own.

Color Meanings of Sympathy Flower

Before deciding on the type of flower you would like to give to a bereaved individual, you will need to think about the different colors and meanings behind each when the sympathy arrangement is being created.  If you are having difficulties with choosing the color for your flowers, follow the guidelines below to assist you in selecting the best option to gift to your loved one:


This is the most common kind of sympathy flower as it signifies remembrance and new beginnings.  Additionally, it can also represent purity and innocence, as previously mentioned, which is appropriate for the loss of a young person or child.


This color symbolizes beauty and love and is typically gifted to the spouse or significant other after he or she has lost a partner.  If you know an individual who has lost a significant person from their life, it is recommended that you send red flowers as a demonstration of your love.


These flowers symbolize beauty and femininity, making them a remarkable gift for individuals who have lost a mother or wife.


This is a color that can represent hope and light during the darkest hours of someone’s life.  Though no flower has the capacity to totally cheer someone up after a loved one has died, flowers in shades of yellow can represent warmth and friendship as well.

Below is an example of the types of sympathy basket you can send to a grieving loved one:

Dried Fruit Arrangement

Dried fruit has a high content of fiber and provides a remarkable source of antioxidants, particularly polyphenols.  These antioxidants are linked to health benefits such as better digestive health, reduced risk of many illnesses, improved blood flow, and decreased oxidative damage.  This sympathy gift checks all the boxes since grief can be seriously draining and the bereaved might not have the energy or desire to prepare meals.

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